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How could i stay away?   
11:16pm 27/02/2006
  So, i decided i need LJ back in my life again...i new i couldnt REALLY leave. Lifes been crazy but i love my friends. so much.
and no, not just because she looks silly with a magnifying glass to her eye (as do I), but she makes me smile and i love laughter.

i wish i had more pics of my chicas right now but i dont.

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Bye Bye   
10:16pm 12/09/2005
mood: aggravated

As of now, ive decided that im done with Livejournal.....well at least for now (ya never know)

Im also done with certain people, im sick of there shit. 

Post whatever you want, about me or about anyone or anything.  :)

Bye bye live journal!

and here are some random pics that i never posted from summer, so why not!


becka and i

Denielles birthday bash!  (sweet sixteen)

my best girl

good times....i love those girls

random pic of me, but i kinda like it.


and this pic made me laugh, i think its cute in a weird sort of way.

awwwww kitty.



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09:55pm 02/09/2005
  school is coming....and my schedule is SHIT.

The one class im excited for is 7th period.

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10:53pm 09/08/2005
mood: loved
This summer, has been amazing so far. Its like everything i wanted to happen, happened....thats the best feeling ever. I mean, there have been a few bad things...like the fact that im grounded right now for a, even i have to admit, pretty good reason...wont go into details, lets just say im usually a good liar, but i completely fucked it up. Oh well. Summer is full of random things, and the night i got caught, was..well, random. My summer "love/sex life" has been really good as well. Theres always room for slight improvements, but at this moment i am 95% content. This summer has been an experimental one, and trying new things gives me such a rush, i love it.

Rebecca and i are like the same person. She brings out such a different part of me that has been lost, and i do the same for her. She actually completes me, and that scares me because i dont know what i will do when she leaves. Every time she leaves i think that, but i feel like this time it will be even harder, because we have had SOOOOO many experiences this summer that are UNFORGETABLE...and i mean that in every way possible.

Jesse, i dont know if ur home yet, but i miss you already, i had such a good time with you. I love the little surprises u left...and yes, i found my boot...on top of the tv?? What?! lol Your notes made me happy. And im glad u got there okay. MUAH!

This summer has been a roller coaster, and im loving the ride.

This weekend, im so celebrating not being grounded...i still cant believe that...ugh.
Well, im going to go shower and sleep and go to work tommarow.
How is everyones summer so far?


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05:33pm 07/08/2005
mood: bored

Last night was fun...a little tooo fun....and now im a little to GROUNDED??? i think that this is the first time in my life i have been grounded....what a shame.

I forgot theres a first time for everything.

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12:20am 07/07/2005
mood: awake

the end

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Fucking ASSHOLE!   
04:57pm 09/06/2005
mood: crushed
Fuck with me once...shame on you
Fuck with me twice...shame on me

I am so stupid! I didnt even realize that I set myself up to be fucked with for a second time, i truly believed that he would follow through and that is my down fall. I forgive to easily because i dont want to believe people truly are ass holes.

2 strikes.....3 strikes your OUT. I will not make a fool of myself again, (well in a BAD way).

P.S. To this person, who doesnt even read livejournal....if you didnt know, all i wanted to do was catch up with u since we havent talked in a while, i really wanted to see u...if you thought i LIKED you, or that i had any other intent, then you really think too highly of yourself.

That's all for now.

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09:50pm 30/05/2005
mood: happy

Hey! I havent updated in sooo long.  This weekend was bomb, aarons house with my bests, then cast party, shopping, and then denielle and i took pics and went in my jacuzi and had fun times, girl times that ive missed out on for a while.  It was nice, and here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Denielle and i In the Jacuzzi, havin fun.  PICS!!!!!

I thought this one was cute, denielle took it of us

I like this one alot

I REALLY liked this one

Denielle with part of me in the back

And I will leave you with this:

Cast party was pretty good, but i wish some people never came, but other than that it was fun.  I missed performing this weekend, its weird not having to do it anymore.  Im so happy right now though, this weekend was awesome, cant wait until next weekend but for now.....hw.  Night all!


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07:34pm 20/04/2005
mood: flirty
Well, its been 2 days already since i was in the great city of NY, and i miss it. Its funny, everyone in the musical (Thoroughly Modern Millie at Hamilton Highschool opening May 5th...SEEE ITTT)who went to NY, somehow got so much better and so much more pumped for the show, its going to be amazing, it truly is. I have decided that im moving to NY, it is amazing there.


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09:27pm 31/03/2005
mood: impressed
The drama was AWSOME!!!!
Props to everyone involved...i was blown away.

Laurel Parmet....you were SOOOOOOO encredible! and hot lol. Great job
Mia.....you were adorable and AMAZING
Cord (well hes always amazing)
Daniel, Maddy, Mikey....everyone was good.


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Normal conversations with Sam   
11:39pm 28/03/2005
mood: giggly
Just an every day conversation with my sister...arent we sweet?

CoNtAgEoUs89: whos "patrik" on ur myspace
CoNtAgEoUs89: he is FIINNEE
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: i know!
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: he was a friend of a friend that I found
CoNtAgEoUs89: welli added him
CoNtAgEoUs89: hes hot as FUCK
CoNtAgEoUs89: my god!
CoNtAgEoUs89: dou talk to him?
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: i know!
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: no
CoNtAgEoUs89: send him a message dummmy
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: i wrote him a message but he never responded
CoNtAgEoUs89: check to see if he read it
CoNtAgEoUs89: go to your sentmessages
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: how can you tell
CoNtAgEoUs89: sent messages
CoNtAgEoUs89: and it says the status of it
CoNtAgEoUs89: hes way hot
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: where does it say it
CoNtAgEoUs89: where it says status
CoNtAgEoUs89: before u click on the message u sent him
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: o yeah
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: no, it just says sent
CoNtAgEoUs89: then he never read it
CoNtAgEoUs89: so he never got it
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: he got it but he never read it
CoNtAgEoUs89: no
CoNtAgEoUs89: why would he purposely not read his messages?
CoNtAgEoUs89: and not delete it or anything
CoNtAgEoUs89: so he prob doesnt know about it
CoNtAgEoUs89: so delete it
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: cuz he's busy?
CoNtAgEoUs89: and send him another one
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: k
CoNtAgEoUs89: wut college is he at?
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: dunno, read his profile dumn fuck!
CoNtAgEoUs89: im tired
CoNtAgEoUs89: but ooh mom said set my alarm clock cause im retarded
CoNtAgEoUs89: or in her words an idiot
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: no
CoNtAgEoUs89: yes
CoNtAgEoUs89: please
CoNtAgEoUs89: she said so
CoNtAgEoUs89: before she went to bed
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: do it yourself
CoNtAgEoUs89: i dont know how
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: oh well
CoNtAgEoUs89: come on!
CoNtAgEoUs89: please
CoNtAgEoUs89: ill bring u a tasty muffin.....
CoNtAgEoUs89: with NO cat hair in it
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: but i like the cat hair
CoNtAgEoUs89: ill bring u a tasty muffin WITH cat hair in it
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: no, not in the mood
CoNtAgEoUs89: i beg of u
CoNtAgEoUs89: or ill kill the cats
CoNtAgEoUs89: and eat them
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: too late, i did it first
CoNtAgEoUs89: then ill eat/rape/pet you
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: its not rape if i like it
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: fine ill set it
CoNtAgEoUs89: ill pleasure you like no animal has EVER done before
CoNtAgEoUs89: haha
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: but i wont set it for the right time!
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: mwwwaaaahahahahaha
CoNtAgEoUs89: hey!
CoNtAgEoUs89: ill cut ur toes off in ur sleep if u dont
CoNtAgEoUs89: then ull b DEFORMED
CoNtAgEoUs89: mwahahaha
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: anything but that!
CoNtAgEoUs89: or ill cut ur balls off
CoNtAgEoUs89: *smiles insanely*
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: ok, i dont need them anyway
CoNtAgEoUs89: i do...i..uh...well long story
CoNtAgEoUs89: please set it tho
CoNtAgEoUs89: u know u want to
CoNtAgEoUs89: all the cool kids are doing it
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: you should so post this convo
CoNtAgEoUs89: it just so happens that i AM
CoNtAgEoUs89: i win
CoNtAgEoUs89: give me a cookie
CoNtAgEoUs89: NOW
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: hey kid, d'ya like muffins?
CoNtAgEoUs89: uh..yea, muffins are ok
CoNtAgEoUs89: boob
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: what's your favorite
CoNtAgEoUs89: type of boob?
CoNtAgEoUs89: lol
CoNtAgEoUs89: this is done
CoNtAgEoUs89: im tired and your ugly
UrNuMbEr1Gdss: i can't help how i look
CoNtAgEoUs89: yet...still attractive...AHH i must go before i do or say something that might offend your people

Oh how i love her so, my little tweed

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Back To School....   
11:08pm 27/03/2005
mood: contemplative
It seems like spring break was so short, even though i was always doing something. I think ive given up on trying so hard, some things have to happen when its time. Its like i went through a billion guys this break, some i liked, some i didnt, but its interesting going through that process and learning about myself. This also relates to other problems in life, well in MY life, that i just cant change. Im moving out of the house i've lived in all my life, and i dont know what will happen. I didnt think i would feel this way about it, but its like im leaving everything that i used to know behind...its funny how much can change in a year, but life can be surprising.

On a happier, less melodramatic note, ive had an AWSOME spring break!!!!! Good times with all my people lol, i really needed this time away from school. Things at school keep happening fast, which isnt a BAD thing, but its overwhelming....yet exciting! I am SO excited for the musical....but im really nervous at the same time!

P.S. I wish i was more confident, that would make everything easier lol.

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05:02pm 17/03/2005
mood: guilty
I feel like such a bitch, but i really want to do something i know is wrong....for my own benefit. I know its selfish, but i feel that i at least deserve to have SOMETHING benefit for me, because its been so retarded. I will have fun on friday if it kills me.

P.S. ive realized everything takes time, but you have to make it happen

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01:34am 27/02/2005

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09:20pm 21/02/2005
  This weekend was AWSOME!!! I really needed this, it was so fun, but im not going into details lol. im waaayyy to lazy.

Over all, I have to say, life is good.

P.S. I have no idea if there is after school rehearsal tommarow cause i never got the sheet, if someone could tell me that would be beyond great. THANKS

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11:23pm 17/02/2005
mood: confused
I just don't get it.........
i feel so naive

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New Theory   
10:58pm 13/02/2005
mood: optimistic
I have a new theory on life. If something doesnt go the way you planned, or someone doesnt do something that you want to happen, or you just completely screw something up, then FORGET ABOUT IT, things will work out the way they are supposed to. Tomorrow is always another day.I so not care anymore about what other people say(ok i still care a little, but for some reason i just had a boost of confidence) because i am better then that. I am in SUCH A GOOD MOOD RIGHT NOW! For all the shit thats been going on in my life right now, i am loving that i found it in myself to just forget about it and move on.

P.S. Tomorrow we finish read throughs of millie...im not as nervous now

P.P.S. This post was not about a particular event, person, or anything specific, i just had a random epiphany.

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Valentines Day   
02:18pm 13/02/2005
mood: bouncy
its less than 24 hours till valentines day! Im bringing hershy kisses for everyone:)

Be my valentine??

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so expected, but yet it hurts   
11:28pm 12/02/2005
  I think ive made a fool of myself. I never let myself accept things i dont want to accept. HE DOESN"T LIKE ME im almost posative...and yet i cant let myself stop trying.

OHH WOW, Mikado was hilarious tonight, big time. I couldn't stop laughing...thanks will haha.

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12:27pm 12/02/2005
mood: happy
Mikado wasnt as bad as I (and everyone) thought it would be. im shocked. Will and i got bored and made funny faces at eachother and tried (TRIED) not to laugh but obviously couldnt hold it in.

Last night was fun, thats all.

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